Our Unique Approach

Adopt the Arts takes a holistic approach to music education because we recognize that music isn’t just a technical skill to be learned but also a means of creative expression, cultural exploration and personal development. Key elements to our approach include:

  • Cultural Understanding – teaching students about the cultural contexts of different musical styles, genres, instruments and traditions.
  • Creativity and Expression – encouraging students to interpret and express themselves creatively through music.
  • Emotional and Social Development – recognizing the emotional and social benefits of music making including fostering empathy, teamwork and self-confidence. Activities like group performances help students develop collaboration, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Integration with other School Subjects – Integrating music with other subjects like reading, math, history and science help to provide a well-rounded experience. Examples include introducing basic math concepts through learning note values and rhythm counting and encouraging the development of early reading skills by delving into new music words and lyrics.
  • Body Awareness and Movement – Incorporating body movement, rhythm and dance helps students develop a deeper connection to music.
  • Lifelong Learning and Appreciation – By beginning their music education in elementary school, we are exposing students to a diverse array of music that will create interest in continued learning.

Adopt the Arts curriculum is structured to introduce youth to many styles and genres of music in up to two classes per week, providing a fun and interactive outlet to express themselves. Our curriculum covers vocal music, instrumental music such as keyboards, drums and ukuleles, music theory, music in world cultures, and extends into traditional subjects like history, geography, math and science. Our music education experience takes place in a designated music room led by a full-time music teacher.

In addition to providing free curriculum to guide elementary school music teachers, we strive to provide students with access to music mentors and quality instruments. Though our mentorship programs, students receive guidance and encouragement from professional musicians and creative professionals that will inspire and fuel their development.

Whatever profession they choose, Adopt the Arts students will have experienced firsthand that music is an integral part of our being and has the potential to positively influence our world.Our commitment extends beyond musical proficiency; we aim to shape well-rounded individuals who value the transformative power of music.


Adopt the Arts works directly with music educators and school administrators to help unlock a vast realm of musical experiences for our children, the benefits of which extend well beyond the classroom.

  • Social Skills: Studies show that children who get regular exposure to singing out loud with their classmates have an easier time bonding with each other and have an easier time developing social skills.
  • Academics: Studies also show that young children who are able to accurately keep the beat while playing or listening to music do in fact do better in school throughout their educational careers.
  • Self-Confidence: What may initially be met with shyness eventually turns into eager participation, contributing to the students’ personal growth.
Photo of kids enjoying music.